Welcome to the mountain

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Illustration by Chéri Hérouard for La Vie Parisienne Magazine, 1922


The Tartar Tent, the Gothic Church, Temple to the God Pan, the Ruined column and the Pyramid all reside in the abandoned French garden ‘Desert de Retz’. Source.

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by  unitedthread

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"Call Me Maeby" April 2013, Nylon Magazine

Notting Hill

A Tory Burch Fall 2014 collection print inspired by vintage tapestry

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You are surrounding all my surroundings
Sounding down the mountain range of my left-side brain
You are surrounding all my surroundings
Twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes
And I’ll be holding on to you

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Kristen Stewart’s Every Red Carpet Look Ever (Part 1/?)

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by Jas Helena